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Neither salespeople nor marketers. We are visionaries with diverse backgrounds and a strong network: The team of Prospecter facilitates and enables viable, lucrative, scalable, and sustainable business models. No nonsense, no detours.


Sabine bronowsky

Chairwoman of the Board - started her career in finance as a young law student, co-founding what has become a wildly successful publicly traded financing holding company (>$1B market cap; specialising in facilitating retail equities trading and asset management). Identifying market-changing dynamics in the Techsector and positioning herself accordingly, has been her bread-and-butter over the past 20 years in leading a small-cap family office.


Managing Director at Prospecter - with an educational background in behavioural economics and quantitative finance, Tim has varied professional experiences in Berlin’s startup scene (particularly additive manufacturing) and german corporates (automotive and finance). Particularly passionate about automation, the network effects of platforms & marketplaces (B2B2C), and wildly fascinated by the divergence of stated and revealed preference and the (im)possibility of nuclear fusion.


CMO at Prospecter - Lorenz has been driven by a passion for online marketing’s constant evolution and heading its most promising innovations. Particularly focussed on generating sustainably organic traffic as a consultant for healthcare and media multinationals or on the frontlines himself as an entrepreneur, cumulatively generating >40 Mio. annual site visits. Currently focussed on his proprietary approach to systematically creating online market leaders and novel user experiences.