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Neither salespeople nor marketers. We are visionaries with diverse backgrounds and a strong network: The team of Prospecter facilitates and enables viable, lucrative, scalable, and sustainable business models. No nonsense, no detours.


Sabine bronowsky

CEO at Prospecter - Sabine began her career in finance as a young law student and co-founded a highly successful publicly traded financial holding company (market capitalization of more than $1 billion; specializing in equity trading). She strives towards finding cutting edge technologies, developing these and bringing them to market.

Recognizing market changing dynamics in the technology sector and positioning accordingly has been her bread and butter for the past 20 years while running a small-cap family office.

lisa Dujesiefken

CTO at Prospecter - In her role Lisa brings an unparalleled expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. She has worked to bring cutting-edge tech to market, and is now leading the charge on creating efficient solutions that will propel Prospecter into a leader in its industry.

Lisa’s passion for advancing STEM initiatives has been a pillar throughout her career, particularly as she focuses on inspiring the next generation of women in technology. 


CHO at Prospecter - Lilly is our Goldendoodle who brings joy and laughter everywhere she goes. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious and her playful spirit never fails to bring a smile to the faces of those around her. Lilly loves nothing more than playing fetch, cuddling up on the couch, and sharing belly rubs with all of her teammates.

She is always available to lend a paw when someone is having a rough day, making sure everyone at Prospecter feels happy and loved.